Cloud(y) Trinity- Understanding the human side of cloud

17 Dec

The word Cloud, like cricket(or football for those like me who hate any Indian sports starting with letter C :)), elicits strong emotion in the IT world. You got to love it with all its trappings(largely vendor driven like BCCI) else you are considered virtually(pun intended) no one in the IT landscape these days. Today, it means something to everyone who is in the business of IT. Everyone who is someone in IT has declared love for the word cloud, so much so that it is difficult to differentiate wheat from the chaff. There are cloud software/hardware/middleware/freeware and the list of “wares” goes on an on. It’s reaching stage where you either suffix or prefix “cloud” in front of every IT word. So you have Cloud(replacing the term IT) solutions/services/management/audit/ and what have you. As if enterprise cloud was not enough, we have personal cloud too. The industry lexicon has started to see verbs like “cloudify”.

Jokes aside, while the decibel levels in the “cloud world” still are very high and there is obvious clamor for reason, there is no doubt cloud services (for the purists in us who try using that term with the respect it deserves) are fundamentally changing the way world operates. While there possibly are a zillion books by now and humongous analysis on this topic, what’s missing in that vast literature is the human dimension to the phenomena called cloud. I call it the Cloudy trinity, the Buyer, the Seller and the broker. Over the next three episodes,starting with the Buyer, i will try to articulate the human angle to this cloudy trinity.


2 Responses to “Cloud(y) Trinity- Understanding the human side of cloud”

  1. Shradha Sharma (@sharmashradha) January 23, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

    Anuj, this is a brilliant observation, behind the buzzing cloud, we need to look at the “Trinity” angle which you have brought out!


  1. Cloud(y) Trinity- Understanding the human side of cloud « runneranuj - December 17, 2012

    […] Cloud(y) Trinity- Understanding the human side of cloud. […]

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