Mind wins…always

24 Jan

The best time to understand the tussle between mind and body is when your alarm rings in the morning. It’s 4.50 am in the morning and your mind starts playing games with you. It’s too cold, it’s too hot, it’s raining(a lot of times imaginary), you slept late last night, you can compensate tomorrow, eat less today so that calories intake will be less. Most of the time, body creates the scenarios based on what the mind tells it to. I have had experiences when i would have heard rain drops and dropped of to sleep because the mind has actually created those, when i finally woke up 1/2 hour later it would be clear skies.

If you still get out and smash a running PB, you win. If you give in, you have given another small window for the mind to tune you tomorrow morning…. and the battle continues every day of your life..


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