In Gym I (don’t) believe

27 Jan

It’s that time of the year when my annual membership for the local gym(will keep the name to myself more to not embarrass myself than them :)) is up for renewal. Gym membership(however cheap or costly it may be) invokes varied emotional responses from people. People go from incredulity to fist pumping depending from what their own experience with gymming has been. The closest you can imagine this emotion is by imagining the stationary bike/treadmill you purchased last year for home use and what state it is in today(if my memory is not failing me, i have not met a person in this world who bought a stationary bike/treadmill and NOT used it for drying clothes after the first month). But like a lot of things in life, gym becomes a must have after a point, even though the motivation to join can vary from person to person. As I consider to enroll or no this year, i felt like examining the pros and cons a bit more.

I categorize people who join gyms into broadly three categories:

1) The movers & shakers: The serious kind fall into this category. These people take the staircase to the 3rd floor gym and straight head to the treadmill after the warm up. You can make them out in the gym by the sweat they work up at the end of each workout. Generally, not more than 10% of the gym members would fall in this category.

2) The networkers: This is a very varied and broad category and encompasses the Romeos(and Juliets!!) to formal networkers (I once had an LIC agent next to my EFX who took my mobile # and hounded me for a while). They take the lift to the 1st floor gym so that they can meet another “prey”.

3) The drifters: Gyms love this category because they are the least troublesome(and the most profitable). They drift in and out of gyms once in a blue moon. Their motivation to join is all good but it fizzles out pretty much in the 1st month or so and after that its pretty much profits all the way for the gyms as the drifters are rarely seen.

I am of the 3rd kind and haven’t used my gym for more than 30 days since i enrolled last year. I have my excuses to not be regular(am an outdoor person with a running mania and hate the gym atmosphere) but still end up enrolling every second year and not putting my money where my mouth is.

So here i am signing off with a pledge not to join the Gym unless i can find at least 5 people whom i know who have indeed used the stationary bike more than 60 days at home.

Come on, bring the votes on guys 🙂


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