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Taking time back

9 Feb

“Lost” time sleeping today in the morning when i should have been pounding the road for a weekend 1/2 HM. Out of that guilt feeling, i was in a mood to “punish” the body. So hit the gym and (honestly) ran a good 12k(60min) today at the gym.

While treadmill can qualify as one of the most boring places to run on earth but i liked it today. The eye constantly switches(nothing else to do really) from kms run to time taken to calories burnt and i also feel it is a good exercise in understanding time. The first 5 kms were run at an average of 10.8kmph and hence the rest of the run was essentially to grab back “lost” time. In running it’s sometimes called -ve splitting(running 2nd half of the race faster than the 1st half). Running -ve splits is perhaps the most challenging-and to me romantic too- aspect of racing; You have “lost” time because you went slow initially but then you need to “gain” time and cover the last kms at a faster pace, despite having shed good amount of sweat and energy.

It is this concept of -ve splits that enthralls me and makes you believe that you can somehow take back (lost)time.