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TCS 10k 2013- Worst time but reasons to cheer

19 May

I just ran the worst 10k time in my racing life today. With a PB of 41.55 min for 10k, doing 51.20 min  is generally a good enough reason to despair and sulk.

But i want reasons to feel good and hence looked at the positive things:

1) There would have been at least 50 people above me who were 50+ age bracket who finished before me. This hows I am still young and nothing’s lost 🙂

2) This time came off a 15k cycling trip to the venue. Had I listened to my friends and taken a car ride, timings could have been different(may be). But it gave me a confidence that my stamina is intact.

3) Nothing can substitute hard work but there would always be days when things will not work out. But it is good practice to go back to the drawing board after every set back.

Last but not the least, tomorrow is another day.


Corporate executives Vs entrepreneurs

18 May

The biggest difference between the above mentioned two categories lies in the latter’s willingness to put the same ideas into action. Entrepreneurs action where executives end.