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Startups Compete To Win The Mobile App CRM Battle

30 Jun

Intuit Buys Elastic Intelligence, Will Use Connection Cloud To Help SMEs Build Apps

21 Jun

Server Density adds management to cloud monitoring tool

20 Jun


Server Density, the London-based startup that hopes to give RightScale a run for its money, just added some cloud management capabilities to its existing monitoring features.

Version 2.0 of Server Density adds a graphical way to view a customers’s  infrastructure running in Amazon Web Services or Rackspace infrastructure. Using data from the cloud providers themselves as well as from Server Density’s existing customers which include Intel(s intc), EA Mobile, DuckDuckGo and Trend Micro, Version 2 offers a new Firefighter mockup — a map of all their cloud data centers and their status.

Now, when something goes awry in a cloud deployment, customers typically face a flood of e-mail. “That adds to the confusion at 3 a.m. when you’re still waking up. What you need is a way to visualize what’s going on quickly. We do that well designed graphical interfaces,” said CEO and founder David Mytton who announced the new…

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When your mother-in-law is endorsing you on LinkedIn, it’s time to question endorsements

19 Jun


Last week I logged into LinkedIn(s lnkd) and saw that one of my relatives had endorsed me for blogging. I like my relative a lot. But he’s not a tech blogger, and he’s not a colleague of mine at GigaOM either. In fact, we’ve never even worked together. I assumed he endorsed me because he’d read some of my articles, or he just wanted to be nice. But really, I had no idea why I got the endorsement.

So I was curious to hear from LinkedIn: What is the point of endorsing someone on the social network? Is there any benefit to me if I get endorsement from a kind-of-random person who doesn’t know me in the endorsed capacity? Will it make my experience on the site any better, or should I remove endorsements from off-target people?

LinkedIn endorsement feature box

The answer from LinkedIn was: An off-target endorsement isn’t a huge deal, as…

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How to think positive

16 Jun

One way to think and act positive is not to say NO to something before having thought what a YES could look like.

So next time you have an urge to say no, pause and think a YES scenario. Life could turn out very different than what it is.

Netflix builds a tool for jumping between Amazon clouds

15 Jun


Netflix (s nflx) clearly has learned from its Christmas Eve outage, which involved the failure of Amazon (s amzn) Web Services’ Elastic Load Balancing service, and has created a tool called Isthmus to solve the problem.

In a Friday blog post, Netflix’s Ruslan Meshenberg explained that Isthmus manages Elastic Load Balancing services in multiple regions in order to keep latency low for users in the event that ELB goes down in one region. On Christmas Eve, the issue was that state data got deleted, causing issues for the control plane tasked with managing load-balancer configuration and bringing some down some ELB load balancers. Now that sort of error could be less likely to affect Netflix service.

Isthmus builds on the newly open-sourced Zuul tool for managing the Netflix API and Elastic Load Balancer services that my colleague Barb Darrow wrote about earlier this week. “Zuul is at the…

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Tweet from swaminathan (@hearfromswami)

15 Jun

Delhi IGI airport voted world’s 2nd beat airport.