When your mother-in-law is endorsing you on LinkedIn, it’s time to question endorsements

19 Jun


Last week I logged into LinkedIn(s lnkd) and saw that one of my relatives had endorsed me for blogging. I like my relative a lot. But he’s not a tech blogger, and he’s not a colleague of mine at GigaOM either. In fact, we’ve never even worked together. I assumed he endorsed me because he’d read some of my articles, or he just wanted to be nice. But really, I had no idea why I got the endorsement.

So I was curious to hear from LinkedIn: What is the point of endorsing someone on the social network? Is there any benefit to me if I get endorsement from a kind-of-random person who doesn’t know me in the endorsed capacity? Will it make my experience on the site any better, or should I remove endorsements from off-target people?

LinkedIn endorsement feature box

The answer from LinkedIn was: An off-target endorsement isn’t a huge deal, as…

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