Amar Bose, acoustics pioneer and founder of Bose Corporation, is dead at 83

13 Jul


Dr. Amar Bose, an acoustics pioneer and founder of the Bose Corporation, has died, according to MIT, where he was once a member of the faculty. He was 83 years old. He is survived by his son, Vanu Bose.

According to a MIT release, he joined the university in 1956 and started a research program in physical acoustics and psychoacoustics. He later won many patents in acoustics and other technologies.

He started Bose Corporation in 1964. In 2011, he gave a majority of his stock in Bose Corporation to MIT. The company is privately held and according to a statement from company’s president Bob Marseca, it will remain privately owned.

At one time, the company was well known for its home audio systems, but lately Bose’s work has become an integral part of our digital lives. Bose makes noise-canceling headphones and smartphone related accessories. It is also a big player…

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