Trust in others…

22 Feb

When you say ” i don’t trust/like this guy” what you really are meaning is “i don’t trust/like a part of myself that resembles this person”


“UP Riots are a…

12 Sep

“UP Riots are a handy work of opposition who want to create instability” says SP. There is only one f****** year in the history of this country which had everything wrong. 2002. And just one person who can’t do anything right. MODI. All others riots and people are secular in nature. Kill 3000 Sikhs but still be called secular. Kills thousands of Muslims in localised riots but you are still secular as long you are not from BJP or your surname is not Modi.


On leadership…

23 Jan

Leadership is like pace making in a marathon, you protect your team from the headwinds, set the pace to the common goals, let them run at that pace after a point(give them independence) and then greet them at the finishing tape.


On motivation…

22 Jan

Motivation is nothing but the fight between a cozy bed and hard tar road. For the best of runners, the cozy bed would win at times, and they mature to eventually accept it such. The good part about motivation is that can be rehashed and re-calibrated (If you missed a run today, no problem, tomorrow is another day). That, if you ask me, is its beauty too.


Lance and me- e…

16 Jan

Lance and me- end of a fairytale relationship

Lance, As I recall all the mountain climbs and all the flats that I cycled along with you(in my mind), I only feel sad today that there was only one thing missing in those; courage. Courage to accept. You still inspire because you made me strong with your words. I will forget you soon but will remember what could have been a fairytale friendship of inspiration and hope.

A friend you lost in one of those syringes.